Sindragosa tactic.

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Sindragosa tactic.

Post  Naya on Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:32 pm

Here is the guide for Sindragosa>

This guy pretty much explains everything on best way and in no time.We will need 2tanks(MT,OT),around 6-7healers and rest dps should be okay. Tank need to move her at left side,the raid should stand at her side, between tail swipe and cleave.
Melee and ranged will get a stacking debuff,for caster Unchained Magic and for melee Chilled to the bone,when you deal damage your stacks increase and debuff timer reset to full duration.When it reach some certain stackyou will recieve damage.Should be wise to stop casting at 6debuffs and let the timer run out.Sindragosa have another spell called Blistering Cold,it will grab/pull everyone to her,you need to run out of it so you dont recieve any damage during that spell.MT need to ignore Blistering cold,otherwise Sindragosa will run out of position.
-PHASE TWO(air phase)-
Every 2min Sindragosa will go to the air,when she do it it you need to gather at the bottom of the stairs(like on vid),then 5ppl on 25 or 2 on 10man will be marked and will become an iceblock.The marked ppl need to move into certain position(depending on what deevz decide,either on stairs or on center or something third).Non marked folks need to move beside it 11yards would be great,everybody need to move behind the iceblocks,and dps it for certain dmg depending where we gonna place that 5marked ppl.On vid they LOSed out of projectiles,dpsed the back 3blocks and keeping 2blocks alive to protect them.After 2-3boombs you need to keep alive 2-3blocks to protect you and slowly dps them.When 4bomb lands down MT need quickly to go to Sindragosa as she lands down.
It will start around 35% and she becomes permanently grounded, and continues all of her abilities from phase 1.We need to be placed like on 1phase.All players in LOS will get mystic debuff that increases damage taken.Mystic Buff expires after 8 seconds, she refreshes it after 6 (standing behind an iceblock will remove this debuff after some time 4sec i think).The raid need to move behind after target becomes iceblock,we will need to continue DPS on boss after iceblock is down.Marked ppl need to be away from raid.Everyone should stay in same position after iceblock is down(continue nuking boss like on phase 1. JUST marked ppl move beside cuz they will become an iceblock,and will do certain aoe to near target)Every 2iceblock,blistering cold will be cast so we need to move fast enough.This process need to be continued.At 10% we need to ignore ice blocks and nuke boss down.
Remember:Phase three is not DPS phase.We need to keep eye on blocks and dps boss when blocks are destroyed.


(P.S. if you dont like the way he talks then watch this one isnted.)

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