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<ICC25> Proffesor Putricide

Post  Naya on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:35 pm

Welcome back to the icecrown raid guide, my name is darksend and in this video I will be showing you our strategy for the 25 man version of professor putricide, the final boss in the plaugeworks.

If you'd like more information about this encounter or would like to learn more about downloading this movie, click "more info" on the movie information box on YouTube to head directly to TankSpot! Also, be sure to subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button to the right to be automatically notified as we release movies. Finally, TankSpot Donors can download all of these movies in High Definition directly from our servers -- click the second link in the movie information box to learn more about this service!

This is the first of 4 encounters in the instance which will share attempts as later gates become unlocked. As of right now however, you are limited to only 10 attempts.

Professor putricide is a three phase fight. Three tanks will be required required for this strategy in phase 3. We also used 6 healers for this encounter.

Phase 1 will last until 80%.

The first ability he will use is slime puddle, which will spawn a growing green puddle under 2 random raid members. One player, preferably one of the offtanks as they have very little to do until phase 3, will run to the table and drink a potion to become an abom. The abom will deal constant aoe raid damage but is also the only way to prevent the puddles from completely filling the room, as the abombs primary ability is to drink the puddles. Be careful not to drink them to fast, as you need to let them get big enough to get at least 13 drinks off in order to help counter putricides next ability.

Putricide will cast unstable experiment right before he is about to spawn one of two types of adds. They always alternate and the first one will always be the green one, also know as a volatile ooze. These adds will target a random raid member and immobilize them. It will then move towards that player at great speed. The abom's second ability is to slow the ooze by 50% for 20 seconds. These adds must be killed, because if they reach the played they will explode for significant damage as well as do a knockaway. Should this happen, right before it is about to hit stack up on that person as the damage is split between the people it hits and pick a new target to immobilize. You can still cast and perform all your normal abilities while targeted. This includes vanish, divine shield, iceblock, and fiegn death, all of which will cause the ooze to cast on a new target. The way we counter this is by moving to the left side, or the orange side, of the room as the green will always spawn on the right. As soon as it becomes targetable we have all of our walocks, mages, and hunters move to max range and begin killing it. When it picks a target we then have everyone else assist also. Should it target one of those hunters mages or warlocks they will blink, use a portal, or feign to not get blown up.

The second time he casts unstable experiment he will spawn a gas cloud. This not actually a cloud however it is simply another type of ooze, also know as the orange slime.The abom must also slow these adds as well. Gas clouds will debuff a random raid member with a 10 stack of gaseous bloat. The stack will tick down every 2 seconds and when it ticks off it will stop and target a new player. Should it reach the player it will explode and deal raid damage based on how many stacks were left on the person. Since you can move while being chased by this add we have all ranged immediatly begin attack with melee following as soon as it picks a target. Melee should be ready to switch off around 2 stacks remaining as to not get targeted if it does not die in time. The person being chased needs heavy heals during this time the debuff deals pretty significant damage.

Also because you can move while being chased by the gas cloud, notice we do not move nearly as far to the right side of the room as we do the left. This makes the aboms job noticably easier as they have less ground to cover as well as keeping the puddles closer together if not always almost on top of each other.

Neither of these adds can target putricides main agro target and both persist into phase 2, but not phase 3.

at 80 and 35%, putricide will cast tear gas, stunning everything in the room, including gas clouds and volatile oozes, for 20 seconds. Because of this, it is much more important to push when there are no slime puddles up as opposed to waiting till just after one of the adds is killed. Comminucate if you are close to a transition and have dps stop around 83%, have the abom eat the clouds, and push phase 2. Simply have the person hold off on the slow until tear gas ends.

He will gain 2 new abilities in this phase. The first is the choking gas trap. He will drop 2 traps in melee range that look like orange flasks. They will give anyone who walks over them a 75% hit reduction debuff for 15 seconds. After 15-20 seconds they will explode for about 15K damage, knocking back anyone within 10 yards as well as giving them another 75% hit reduction debuff this time for 20 seconds.

The second is malleable goo, this is the ranged equivilent to the choking traps. As long as there are enough people at ranged, putricide will pick 2 random people at range and hurl 2 bouncey balls at them. They have a decent travel time and they always travel in a straight line so they are decently easy to avoid. When it lands, anyone in the area will get hit for about 15K damage and have attack and casting speeds slowed by 200%.

Phase two just continues the back and forth killing of the different types off adds while avoiding the two new traps, while the abom continues to drink up all the green puddles until 35%.

Melee, do not try to milk extra boss damage after a green add has spawned. If it targets you, most likely you will be in the middle of the orange traps, and when the add explodes combined with the trap it will likely kill everyone nearby. Likewise do not kite the boss through the ranged because there is the change that malleable goo will target the melee, having the same effect.

At 35 as I said before another tear gas will go out. The adds will stop but the puddles, traps, and goo will all still need to be avoided. He will also being hitting much harder and faster, as he gains a buff called mutated strength. The tank should run to the door as far away from the table as possible, giving as much dps time before the first debuff is applied.

The reason you use three tanks is because mutated plauge will heal putricide when it falls off for 1.7 million per stack the tank had. This is for any reason, tank death, bubbling it off, and also surprisingly when it just falls off naturally. not only Because at 5 stacks the tank will be aoeing the raid for about 12-15K damage a second but also to make sure each tank had a debuff refreshed to make sure he would not heal, we decided to let each tank get 2 stacks before the next one would taunt, then again on the next one for a total of 3, then hopefully having the boss dead before all tanks had 4.

Thanks for watching this movie! As always, feel free to ask questions or add suggestions either on YouTube or in the strategy thread on TankSpot.com. Good luck.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4m8A7U-enQ&feature=player_embedded -------- Watch Carefull from where must start taking
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