Sentence of the day

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Sentence of the day

Post  Eltorak on Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:28 am

Yeah so the sentence of the day is:

Naya, tank the BUS!

For those who where not there we joined an ICC and tried a different boss this time a Dragon. Until now we do not know exactly what where the means of this Very Happy Any way Naya was tanking and the raid leader told him to tank the "BUS" which will be firing missiles at us xD Later as it turned out it was a dragon. I don't know what that leader was on but he must have been high ^^


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Re: Sentence of the day

Post  Naya on Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:02 am

yea.. the BUS will fly in the air and fire missiles down on us.
and it wasnt a BUS.. but a dragon.. and it wasnt missiles.. but frost bolts xD

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